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Turnkey carrousel plants, machinery and concepts for the precast concrete industry

EBAWE is your partner of choice not only for the entire project planning, development and supply of carrousel plants with CAD/CAM control systems but also for single components such as shuttering robots, concrete spreaders, compacting equipment and much more.

From concrete preparation to handling and removal of the finished precast products.

First carrousel plant for precast concrete panels in India – only 6 months between project start and first elements

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EBAWE meets short-term delivery date for one the largest precast plants in Thailand – successful start-up!

This year EBAWE delivered already the second precast plant to the long-term customer Pruksa, leading company for residential building with precast concrete parts in Thailand. The high performance plant for solid walls is located near Bangkok and designed for an output of 12 pallets per hour. The “green factory” is equipped with a recycling system and has a very high degree of automation. The scope of delivery contains two shuttering and deshuttering robots and a mesh welding plant with automatic mesh distribution, transportation and insertion system. The control, supervision and optimization of the entire precast panel production is ensured by the universal manufacturing execution system ebos® . The entire equipment was manufactured, shipped and installed in a very short time. There were only 9 months between the signing of the contract and the successful start-up of the plant that has a capacity of 480 housing units per month. The new precast plant is one of the largest in the world and has the highest capacity of solid walls in whole Thailand. The first precast elements have already been manufactured and also the first contractually agreed casting was successfully realized on 31st July 2014. The production of the high performance plant started on 25th August 2014 and is in full operation now. ... more...

Universal manufacturing execution system for carrousel plants

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Roeckelein relocates its lattice girder slab production and sets clear pointers for the future with investment into high-performance production technology

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Leading construction company in the Philippines invests in new carrousel plant from Germany

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